Thank you very much for listening to my interview with Andrew Hellmich, on the PhotoBizX Podcast!  I really enjoyed chatting with Andrew and I hope that our discussion helps you better safeguard your photographs, videos and other irreplaceable digital files. In case you’d like a link to the episode, HERE IT IS.

I have prepared some special items for you.

First, here is a DIRECT LINK to my Ultimate Backup Blueprint for Mac Users, which we both referred to quite a bit during the interview. Even though it’s designed mainly for Mac users, Windows users can use the information and adapt it to their workflow in a number of ways. If we mention a Mac-only piece of software, there will be something very similar also available for Windows.

One of the easiest ways to backup your files is by using an online backup service. Andrew and I cover this in pretty good detail on the show, and HERE’S AN ARTICLE that covers two of my preferred online backup companies.

Also, for Mac users (or even if just one person in your family or at your studio has a Mac), there’s an AMAZING application that makes backing up and retrieving data from Apple devices like iPhones and iPads very easy. It’s called iMazing. It’s especially useful if you use one laptop or desktop computer and would like to backup multiple Apple devices. You can pay for the number of devices you want to manage, and the license is a one-time purchase, though they have an annual plan as well, which is for unlimited devices. For more information about iMazing, visit THIS PAGE.

During the podcast, I mentioned a product I helped develop called the GalleryPouch™ Art Bubble Bag. For more information and to see me demonstrate why it has been so helpful to me and others, visit THIS PAGE. Also, if you are a student or member of a photography group, an ongoing 10% discount is available from THIS PAGE. Please note: the company only ships to addresses within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. Territories.


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All the best, feel free to ask questions if you have them, and keep on backing up!   -Andrew

Andrew Darlow