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During the show, Patricia and I discussed a number of pet and general photography tips, and I’ve included a few below:

Andrew Darlow photographing a chihuahua named Teekee at a charity event

Andrew Darlow photographing a chihuahua named Teekee at a charity event to support an animal shelter.


Lower your Perspective to Make your Subject a Hero

Weimaraner dog photo ©Andrew Darlow

To create what is known as a “hero shot” (so named because it often makes the subject look more “heroic”), all you need to do is lower your perspective so that you are a bit lower than the pet’s eye level (how low will depend on the pet, and experimentation is key).

Go for the Overhead View

Boston Terrier dog photo ©Andrew Darlow

By photographing your pet from a slightly more overhead angle than normal (or directly overhead), you can create some very dramatic looks. Experiment with a wide-angle view from a few feet away, and for fun, take some up-close shots with a wide-angle lens to make your pet’s facial features look “larger than life!”

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